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Welcome to my gallery! I hope you enjoy viewing the candy happy arts here! <3






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Just a few things to patch up..

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 17, 2014, 6:17 AM
I had an inconsiderate jerk attack me on how I portray my character, Moon from Cosmic Funnies and how it was wrong to have such an "innocent" character get wrongfully abused. For those who don't understand Astronomy, The moon gets bombarded by cosmic debris and radiation on a daily basis. Thus, why Moon is met with his "Misfortunes." It's all part of spacy nature. Since my series is mainly supposed to be fun and educational, seeing moon get attacked my meteors, asteroids and cosmic radiation, will be very prominent.  I try to work my best on creating a fun and educational series for all to enjoy. My goal is to make a book series out of this so that others may enjoy my series and learn the basics of astronomy. I want readers to see that science can be fun and comical, which is why i research and read the latest astronomy news, to see what I can salvage from that and incorporate it into my work. This process takes me days, where I would have to do my daily readings, brainstorm and then finally write the scripts and sketch out the thumbnails. It's not as simple as randomly coming out with silly phrases and the occasional asteroid collision. (Well...maybe sometimes...=u= hehe..)

Now i'm all open for constructive criticism. However, attacking a person's character because you don't see fit, is not considered criticism at all. It's called being a jerk. Nuff' said. Granted, everyone's own work, wether it is writing or illustrations, will have some sort of flaw. No one's perfect. It's part of the creative process to practice and improve on your work which takes time and patience. Also, you can't determine what people should do with their own work. It's the artist to decide and I believe that Moon is just fine the way he is. I will not change him for no one. Therefore, if there is something you don't like about someone's work, and you have nothing useful to say to the artist, please do the artist a favor, and not comment at all. Thank you. 

Anyway, besides that rant, I will have more new entries possibly about the Sun, since summer is just around the corner. I may also start creating some summer cosmic funnies wallpapers so do stay tuned! :)

Have a nice starry day! <3 

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Jacqueline Moliner
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
I am a graphic designer from New York City, with a taste for cute, and colorful art.

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Vampire Jaku's Art Terms and conditions

Here are my terms and conditions, please read carefully. Thank you and have a nice day. :)

"Do you do art requests?"
Once upon a time, when I first came to DA and had a lot of time to spare, I used to do some requests out of sheer generosity. However, as time went by, I noticed how the list for requests increased and my time to work on my own professional work diminished. It resulted in delays and eventually lead to a burn out between my design job, requests, and personal projects i worked off the side. In conclusion, I've decided to put requests to a close.
In other words: I no longer accept requests.

"How Come You Don't Host Contests Anymore?"
My only time to work on my own self projects are during the week nights (If I have the energy to work) and weekends. I won't have time to run a contest like I used to. Besides, my last contest was a complete and utter failure, where only one person submitted a piece. I had to at least work on something for that deviant for actually participating. That was the last contest i'll ever run. I apologize for the inconvenience.

"Can you teach me how you did that (Drawing, Painting, Digital piece)?"
I cannot provide you teaching lessons. However, I do offer tutorials every now and then. I have some old ones on
my gallery somewhere. If I have time, I might just work on a new tutorial in the near future.

"Is there anything I should know to be a good artist?"
Now, that's not a bad question to ask, but I can't tell you how to be a good artist either. Everyone improves differently just as I do. I can only tell you to work hard and practice often because let's face it; Practice makes perfect after all.

"Do you work on Commissions?"
I rarely work on them due to my lack of free time. I may have time to squeeze one person per month however. If interested, Feel free to send me a note.

"Can I use your art?"
This is a bit of a touchy subject. It depends on what you're going to use it for. Again, as i've mentioned above, my art is not free to use. That is an complete insult to every artist out there when you ask for free stuff. It's even more insulting when it comes from someone who owns their own shop, and then asks to use the artist's own work to sell without pay. If you are that interested in my work, and want to use it, you'll have to pay for it. It's as simple as that. I don't want DA points either. I have a lot of bills that needs to be paid. However, if you just want to create an avatar to place up on your forum, blog, or other networking site you are using, feel free to do so as long as you credit me and link back to my page. This also applies to my wallpaper designs, texture packs and other sets I offer. You can use them for personal use only, and not for commercial use.
That is completely unacceptable.

I am to speak for not only for myself, but for every hard working artist out there:

Just remember that every single artist have rights to all of their works, and shouldn't be subject to give away their work because, some believe that our work is worth less and therefore, shouldn't have to pay for the artworks. Many artists (Including myself), Draw for a living so we can pay our bills, and buy our groceries. It's a job like any other job out there. For some, it may be a hobby, but for others it's most likely their only
source of income, just like my given situation.

Thank you for reading the FAQ'S and terms and conditions.

I'll have this up for all to read. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave me a note and i'll get back to you as soon as possible.



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